Tips for the APUSH Test(s)

Yeah, yeah, sorry it’s been so long since my last post/video, and no, I don’t know when the next one will be.  Also, sorry for any typos in this post.

Now that we have that out of the way…I want this to be a slightly more businesslike post.  So today in APUSH we were talking about the test we took yesterday, and I thought I’d post some testing tips.  Please read the rest of this post, no matter if you’re in APUSH, or any AP classes at all.  A lot of what I’m gonna say may be geared toward APUSH students, but you can apply a lot of the tips to pretty much any class.


APUSH stands for Advanced Placement United States History.  Yes, I’m a freshman (what it says on the sidebar of my blog is very outdated and I don’t know how to change it) and I’m taking this class.  As with all AP classes, you have to take the AP test/exam at the end of the course (May 5th for 2017, this year) in order to get credit for the class.  So if I refer to the test, that’s what I mean.  If I refer to test, I mean not only that one, but the regular tests you take at the end of chapters/units/whatever.

Before the Test:

  • There are two types of studying: gradually reviewing what you learn as you learn it, and cramming a month’s worth of information into your head the night before a big test.  Both can be helpful–and by that, I mean you should try and study as you learn, but really get down to business the night/a few nights before a big test, whether its the AP exam or what.  Obviously, if you;re reading this and have a test tomorrow, you can’t really do the first part.  DO NOT allow yourself to procrastinate!
  • Make flashcards of all your vocab words.  Even if there are a million of them.  Write out each term and its definition–this will help you remember them.  Flip through them.  You can also add your own words if you think they are important, or if you have trouble remembering them.  Again, making flashcards can be time consuming, but it’s a great study technique.
  • Go on Quizlet.  This is a site with flashcards already there, and you can make your own or practice with other people’s.  Again, this is a good study method.  If you want to find a good definition for a word,let’s say Manifest Destiny, you’re learning in APUSH, a good formula to type into Google is “manifest destiny apush definition.”  Quizlet will almost always be the first thing to pop up, and this is very helpful.
  • Watch Crash Courses.  These are put out by John Green (the author of The Fault in Our Stars) and some other people ans are pretty informative!  He talks fast, though, so putting on eh subtitles might help you retain more of what he says.  My teacher actually has us watch these as we learn about those topics.  Here’s the playlist for them:

This channel also makes Crash Courses for other topics, such as Biology, etc.  Check them out!


  • Watch Adam Norris’ videos.  These are only for APUSH students, but are EXTREMELY helpful and informative!  Also, here’s a link to his website:  On his site you can find eh Powerpoints to his videos, worksheets you can print and fill out, etc.
  • Do practice tests.  These will really prepare you for the AP exam, and the more you practice, the more prepared you will be.  You can find some of these in the Princeton Review APUSH book. (More about that: my AP teacher has each of us buy that book at teh beginning of teh year, off of Amazon.  We use that instead of the actual APUSH book.  It is very helpful!  (I’m overusing that word, but whatever.)  It not only covers teh info you need to know for each unit/time period, but it has lots of tips and info about the APUSH exam, as well as, like I said practice exams.)  Link for teh 2016 Princeton Review book:      Link for the 2017 book (I;ve never read it, but I assume it’s pretty much the same as teh 2016 one, which is what we use in school):      If you want to take a practice test, go to a very quiet, well-lit area where you can work and not be disturbed.  Turn off your phone or just leave it in some other room.  Set a timer for the amount of time you will actually have when you got to take the actual APUSH exam, and then work. Practice answering all the types of questions–yes, even teh DBQs and LEQs.  Learn what teh requirements are to earn full points for each type of written-response question.


  • Look over your notes, worksheets, etc.  Review what you’ve learned.


  • TAKE good notes.  If you have your own copy of the Princeton Review or any other book or reading or whatever, highlight and annotate it!  Make sure you will know what you mean later.  Focus on teh main points of what you are reading, without either obsessing over or forgetting too many of the littler details.


  • If you’re cramming, calm down.  Don’t panic.  Force yourself to concentrate so that you can actually absorb information.  Look over notes, watch Adam Norris videos or Crash Courses, etc.  Focus on big, broad ideas first.  Then, if you have time, reread your notes or whatever and absorb more of teh details.  DO NOT STRESS.  Also, (and you can hate me for this), teh next time you fell like putting off studying, remember what it feels like to be panicking and staying up to all hours of teh night the night before a test, and force yourself to study.


  • If your teacher (or another APUSH teacher at your school) is holding review sessions for the AP exam, go to them!  If they’re not, suggest them!  Be that annoying kid that always wants to do better!


  • Once you take a chapter/unit/whatever test, go back and see what you did wrong and what the correct answers are–and not just of tests, but on any assignment, even if it was only worth a few points.  If your teacher doesn;t go over it in class, see them after class or whenever you can.


  • If you’re struggling with something, ask for help.  I know, I know, it can be embarrassing, but I’ve found that teachers actually have more respect for you if you have a bad grade in their class and ask them to tutor you than if you have a bad grade and just never ask them for help.  I;m not saying you have to obsess over your grade, but know when to ask to be tutored.   You can also ask a friend in teh same class, a parent or sibling, or do your own research with Crash Courses or whatever.


  • Ask your teacher what the test will be like, both little tests and THE test.


  • My bio teacher says something like this: “A little bit of fear is a good thing.”  What he means by that is this: don’t be terrified of teh AP test, but have a healthy fear of it.  This healthy fear should inspire you to work hard and do your best.  It’s kinda cheesy, yeah, but it’ll get you places.


During the Test:

  • When you go to take the AP exam or just a regular test or quiz, you should follow test-taking strategies.  Some of these you;ve probably been told since about teh third grade, but not all of that will help you.  For example, I liek in Pennsylvania, and for our state-standardized test, the PSSAs, you pretty much have all teh tme you need.  Let’s say you’re on a math day of the test.  You;re given, I think, about 2 hours to take the test, but if you need longer, you’ll be taken to your school library or another location until you complete the test.  NOT SO ON THE APUSH EXAM!  You only have a certain amount of time for each section.  You’ll need to learn to work quickly and still perform well.


  • All of the multiple-choice questions on the APUSH test have a stimulus.  This means that there’s a paragraph or something you have to read, and then a question(s) that goes along with that.  Lame example:  You might have an excerpt from Washington’s Fartewell Address, and then a question like “Based on the excerpt above, what would Washington have felt about (this or that issue)?”  and then however many answer choices.  TIP: NEVER READ THE STIMULUS FIRST.  ALWAYS READ THE QUESTION FIRST!  You may already know the answer without having to spend an extra minute or so trying to read it and figure out what it means.


  • Use the process of elimination.  If you know an answer isn;t right, cross it off.


  • Keep track of time without constantly worrying over it.  On the AP exam, I think you only have about a minute for each multiple-choice question.  Also, even for our unit tests in APUSH, my teacher makes them similar to that–50 multiple choice, in about 50ish minutes of class.  If your regular tests for class are not times, maybe time yourself on practice exams.


  • If you have no idea about the answer to a question, make a little mark next to that number and move on.  You should (hopefully) have a couple minutes at the end of teh times session to go back to these questions.  If you run out of time, fill in an answer for each question–it;s better than leaving some blank.


  • This is still technically before teh test, but…make sure you have plenty of sleep and a good breakfast the day of a/teh test.  Try to eliminate any distractions you can (hunger, being tired, having to go to the bathroom, etc.) ahead of time, so that you can concentrate.
  • Don’t rush so fast that you do a poor job of it.
  • DO YOUR BEST!  Even if you don’t get a 4 or a 5, you did what you could.



After the Test

  • RELAX!  You did your best.  Don’t stress about it!



Okay, so my next post, whenever it is (I’m busy, even if I don;t have much of a life) should be more interesting, but at teh same time I’s like to do more posts like this.


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Westgate Vids

Sorry it’s been forever since I last posted. Why do I feel like I start every new blog post with something like that?

Anyhow, here are two videos about last summer’s family vacation for the Golds. As I say in an annotation in the second video, this Westgate facility got destroyed in a forest fire in November this year, so it’s kinda cool that I have these memories (hysterically cheesy and weird as they, involving me, are) on camera.

Aside from that, hope everybody had a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Chinese New Year, and here’s a little about what my life since my last blog post has been like….

Well, for one thing, pretty busy. All my classes, except for ICT and health, are higher-level classes, which means lots of homework and little free time. One of these is APUSH (Advanced Placement U. S. History), and while almost all of what we learn is very interesting to me, the workload is definitely on the heavy side.

I’m still working on crocheting this blanket for Dad (shh–nobody tell him)that I’ve been at for over a year now, I’m pretty sure….

Still been writing, both in my diary and for fun…and school of course.  I’m most of the way through with a book I’m trying to write, about a girl from Alabama whose parents’ marriage is annulled, and who hasn’t seen her mom in almost two years.  Aside from that, she’s your typical tomboy whose main goal in life is to make it through each school week so she can enjoy the weekends,just like the rest of us.

In fact, here’s an excerpt from the book, Diddley.


Friday, February 13th

It’s almost midnight and I’m almost falling asleep sitting up, but I have to tell somebody what happened, or I’ll go nuts.  

School was boring.  No notes, no whispers, no BFPs smirking at me.  You’d think I’d be grateful, and I sure was, but at the same time I still felt nervous.  I couldn’t shake off the feeling that maybe Jamelli and them was planning something awful fro me at the dance.  

  The dance started at seven, but at 5:30 Carly hauled me into the bathroom, put me in one of her old dresses, undid my French braid, and started to get the knots outta my hair.  Fran wandered in and out, looking for her other shoe, some nail polish to match her dress, some bobby pins.

Carly fussed with my hair for forever and a day–first she straightened it, then she curled it and pinned part of my hair back.  It looked perfect.  (When was the last time I could say that about my hair?!)

By this time it was seven exactly, but Carly wouldn’t let us go yet.  She helped Fran with her hair, and in about three seconds made it look like she’d spent hours om it.  She cornered me and tried to convince me to wear an old pair of high heels, but I flat-out refused.

We got to the school at 7:17.  About 100 kids, maybe, in the gym.  By eight, more like 200.  It wasn’t so bad.  We found Amelia, who looked scared to death by being around so many people, but she’s a great dancer, and we three all kinda hung out together.  

My hair kept getting in my face, but I got a lotta compliments on it.  And, surprisingly, no BFPs gave me any grief till close to 9:00.


Fran: What is it with you and school dances?

Amelia: (Suddenly looking serious.)  What’s he doing here?

Me: (Whirls around to see who she’s looking at.  There’s Kobe in black dress pants and a button-down shirt.  His hands are stuffed in his pocket, and he looks nervous.)

Kobe: Look, Dotti, I… (Scratches his ear and the  back of his neck.)  I..I–I’m sorry I ain’t–that I win’t been–been here for you.

 Me: (Anger bubbles up and boils over inside me.)  Look, bubba, y’all can’t just expect sorry to make up for what you did.  You completely ditched me when I needed you the most.  Newsflash–that ain’t what friends do to each other.

Kobe: (Looks at the floor, then at me, then back at the floor.)   I–yeah, I know.  And I’m–I’m still sorry.  I just–I–

Me: (Softening a tiny bit.)  ‘Pology accepted.  But I;m not gonna forgive you, not yet.  

Fran: (Loyally) Seems fair enough.

Kobe: (Looking up at me.  He smiled slowly.)  Okay.  Fair.

Me: Yeah.  (This is starting to get awkward.)  

Kobe: Oh–I, um, I like your hair, Dotti.

Me: (Glances down at the long curls thrown over my shoulders and turns red.)  Oh.  Thanks.

Kobe: (After maybe ten seconds of us all staring at each other like idiots, he starts to sidle away.)

Me: (Remembers the note all of a sudden.)  Oh, uh–my answer’s no.

Kobe: Your answer to what?  (He looks genuinely confused.  My face starts to get redder.)

Me:I–I though you’d asked me out.

Kobe: What? No. Not that I remember.  (He flashes a cheeky grin.  He’s trying not to make me feel embarrassed, but I am.)  Um–why would you say that–if I had asked you out, I mean?

Me(Looks down at my bare feet and Fran’s uncomfortable shoes next to them.  The floor’s cold and smooth under my toes.)  ‘Cause, um, you’re just my friend.  Or, in this case, sorta my frenemy.

Kobe: (Cheeky grin again.)  Good to know.

  Then I slugged him in the chest.  We’re cool again–mostly cool, at least.

Okay, so I know that was random, but tell me what you think.  Will try and let you into the wide world of Dotti in future posts.

God bless!












People That Make Miniatures

First of all, thanks, new subscriber! 😉

I haven’t been making many dollhouse type things in a few weeks, so Monday posts may become just craft posts, but here are some YouTubers that make DIY bids about miniature stuff for dollhouse, AG, LPS, etc.

Sugar Charm Shop

She has a Danish accent, btu you can understand her just fine.  Her are some of her videos–I’ll try to do one of each topic (like mini food, clothes, and animals, all of which she makes.)

She just put this up today!


LOVE the detail she always put into her work!


They have a TON of vids!  Here are a few………


AkameruKawaii  Also Danish (I think), and has a channel similar to SugarCharmShop’s.


Next we have PipeCleanerCrafts B, who has an accent but is easy to understand.


Last one!  DollHouse DIY has food, makeup, etc. tutorials.

These are by far not the only YouTubers that make these sorts of videos; here are just a few that I’ve found and like.

God bless!

Randomness 101

As always, sorry for skipping posts.   In my defense, high schoolers (I’m a freshman, just haven’t updated my side bar thingamajiggert yet) have a boatload of homework!
So, here are some random videos (are they ever NOT random?!)…

 Okay, so I’m taking Spanish this year, and we watched these videos in class as part of learning/having fun. Enjoy!

This talks about weather. I think my sister showed me this when she was a freshman!

Another music video, but funnier and not as weird.

LOVE the Merrell Twins! 😉

And just for fun, the Behind the Scenes of the above vid.

Back to Spanish! Pretty much, they say totally normal Spanish phrases–stuff liek “What time is it?” is a soap opera-type setting. Again, watched it in Spanish–today, actually.

Part Two.

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I know I keep saying this, but I hope to have a video up this month–my sister won’t let me just yet because uploading always slows the computer way down.  Anyhow, sorry for skipping so many posts, but here we go with random Stooges videos…….

Please, even if you think/have heard they’re dumb, just watch these.  It’s classic slapstick, people.  Just give it a chance!


If these have already appeared on my blog before, I apologize.  At any rate, stay tuned for my next post and God bless!


Life Updates (Boring), Randomness

I know, it’s probably been a month since my last post, and for that I apologize, guys.

So school started back up on August 18th this year–when did you guys start back up?  Trust me, not a stalker, just curious.  My school is HUGE, man oh man, is it huge!  It’s my personal opinion that we should be allowed to rollarskate in the halls.  I mean, think about it–it’d be so much faster than walking…you could run into people…win-win situation, right?  (For the record, that was a joke.  Mostly.)

I like all my classes and teachers, some more than others, but yeah.  Oh, and even though I’m not really a good singer (*cough* at all) I joined Glee Club, aka Chorus or Choir, and I love it!

I’ve been writing more of this book that I kinda ditched for a long time there, and I’m almost done….Reached a benchmark in the blanket I’m crocheting my Dad….and have wasted a lot of time on YouTube, as always.

All I can think of right now–but tomorrow I will try and have a Christian post up, and hopefully a video up too before long!

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Meet the Woodens

Today’s dollhouse post will be, not a DIY, but introducing you to the Woodens of Middlemarch Manor.


If you haven’t already, please watch my dollhouse episodes here, as the information below contains some spoilers:


Meet the Woodens!  Standing in the back, from left to right: Britney, Nick, and Clover.  Sitting on the edge of the porch, from left to right: Daddy Phil, Honey, and Rake.  Sitting on the mysterious brown surface, from left to right: Baby, Amy, Dora, and Cocoa.

Not pictured: Huck (the photographer was allergic to dogs.)


Closeup of the back 2 rows.


Closeup of the little guys.


Meet Daddy Phil, as the kids call him!  He disappeared and wasn’t seen for almost a year by the family after he went after Dora, over the cliff.  (See S1E2.)  The reason being, he couldn’t believe his wife would forgive him when he couldn’t find their daughter.  Now, he’s a part of the Woodens again and has recently bagged a job as a mechanic


Daddy Phil repairs the family van.


Behold…the drill.


Next, we have Honey.  (That’s her real name, BTW.)  She’s a manager at Sheetz and encourages her kids to do their dead level best in school, so they won’t have to work at a gas station when they get older.


Her trademark hat.


Here, Honey touches up her makeup one last time before heading to work.



Wooden You? is by Clover Wooden’s perspective.  She’s a preteen tomboy that loves to go barefoot and romp in the extensive woods Middlemarch Manor is in.  Here she writes in her diary.



Clove, as her family calls her, loves to read up on animals.


Britney, Clover’s twin, spends a great deal of her time in front of the bathroom mirror, mourning the acne that has conquered her face.


Nick is the oldest child, close to Clover, and loves to rollerblade.


His skates and helmet are stashed under the stairs when not in use.


Nick also likes to read about animals.


Laughable Rake is Phil’s brother that lives with the Woodens.  Honey lovingly refers to him as a “bad influence,” having been known to teach the kids dangerous stunts and bad grammar, but is adored by the children.  He works for a landscaping company, hence his nickname.


Rake rakes the leaves from their lawn.




Dora (played by the purple yarn doll in E2) is believed by all to be dead.  Whether she is or not will be determined in a later episode of the show.


Dora and her twin, Amy, used to love to play checkers together.



Amy is playful, though she misses Dora somethin’ fierce.  She, like many little girls, likes to play dressup…


and get into her mother’s makeup.


Baby, the youngest of the family, is about a year old.  Here she plays on her rocking horse.


Her bed is a hammock that, after is fell from the ceiling several times, now sits on the bedroom floor (’cause that’s so much safer than a crib).


Cocoa, Clover’s BFF, appears later in the show.


Huck is an older dog that isn’t very active anymore, but is loved by teh Woodens despite his age.




His doggie bed is behind the stairs, next to Phil and Honey’s.


Sorry for any typos, and see you guys on Thursday!  God bless!